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South African Kayak Fishing Association

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Latest news

  • 2011
  • January 2011 SAKFA will now step up a gear to implement the following....
  • Safety training for club safety officers.
  • Issue a guide "How to set up and run a kayak fishing club"
  • How to manage and supply SAKFA numbers
  • New website on its way first quarter 2011
  • All competitors fishing competitions to have a SAKFA number. This will be piloted at Winkle club.
  • Example of SAKFA number below KF for Kayak Fishing next two letters for the club (This example is SC for Scottburgh) and then the number is added

  • 2010 Proposed new fishing licence fees. Object now!!!!!! Here is the letter we sent to revenue@deat.gov.za
  • revenue@deat.gov.za




    The Honourable Minister of Water and Environmental Affaires

    Ms Buyelwa Sonjica

    The Revenue Management Department of Environmental Affaires

    Branch Marine and Coastal Management

    Private Bag X2



    Cape Town 

    Re Objection to the proposed increases in recreation angling fees as contained in Government Gazette 32898 dated 29/01/2010 Notice 54 of 2010 refers. 

    Dear Madam, 

    With regards to the proposed permit increases for recreational fishing, I feel it would be undoing all the hard work and effort that government, conservation organizations, research institutions and the general public have invested in conserving and protecting our marine resources. These proposed new exorbitant fees will just encourage people that may have obtained permits in the past not to obtain permits in the future and use our natural resources illegally. Also the proposed fees will encourage people with permits to sell their catches illegally to cover the cost of the fees. 

     From an environmental perspective the proposed new fees will only put our natural marine resources under further stress from anthropogenic influences. Increases in annual permit fees are inevitable and most people accept that but the proposed new increases are way out of reach of the common person, even subsistence fisherman would not be able to afford the approximate R40. I would urge you to revise the proposed fees and increases them in line with current inflation figures.  

    Yours faithfully, 

    M Clarke


    South African Kayak Fishing Association

  • 2010 SAKFA numbers (new format) available December 2009 see contact details on home page
  • New regulations about PFDs Personal Flotation devices issued SAMSA Marine notice 21 of 2009 15 july2009
  • WANTED....Clubs to affiliate to SAKFA | Cape Town | PE | East London ????
  • New club starting in Jo'burg...Brian Jacob from Hunterski setting up
  • New Kayak fishing club starting in Cape Town
  • SAKFA joins SAFSA South African Federation of Sea Angling which includes SADSAA (South African Deep Sea Angling Association) SASAA (South African Shore Angling Association) SALTBAA (South African Light Tackle Boat Angling Association). SAUFF (South African Underwater Fishing Federation)
  • SAKFA approached SAMSA about increasing 1km limit in competitions. We have to apply in writing before competition and say what safety measures we have on place
  • SAKFA Stickers now available free of charge to all members to accompany your kayak number. The numbers go on the front of your kayak and the sticker at the back.
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All text and images copyright of SAKFA www.sakfa.co.za  For permission to use please contact Mick Clarke ugh@telkomsa(dot)net

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